Annie Daughtrey- Spreading Sunshine

OCE Student Profile Series

by Laura Stephens

When I think of Annie, the word “sunshine” comes to mind. Full to the brim of compassion for others, she is always thoughtful and does whatever she can to build others up. Also, she is quirky and fun, which are great traits I think for her future as a teacher. During her time as an undergraduate at William and Mary, she participated in numerous educational and tutoring activities, from her time as a Sharpe Scholar and beyond. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in education at the School of Education. 

Office of Community Engagement: How are you involved in community engagement at William & Mary?

Annie Daughtrey: As an undergrad at William & Mary, I participated in Project Phoenix, a tutoring and mentoring organization that worked with local middle school students, some of whom had been identified as needing extra support with academics, socially, etc. I also taught Hispanic Religious Education.

OCE: How has this work contributed to community needs?

AD: I think that Project Phoenix worked to address the need of a few of Williamsburg’s younger residents for extra support. We wanted to help them to improve their school performance. When kids do better in school, and have older people to whom they can look up, it hopefully makes a positive impact in their life, at least for a little bit. Teaching Hispanic Religious Education addressed the community need for elementary and middle school students to be educated in their Faith.

OCE: What does active citizenship mean for you?

AD: I think Active Citizenship means caring about the world around you, and not just ignoring issues that don’t personally impact you. It means working towards and being involved in the process of making the world a better place.

OCE: How has your experience working in the community affected your educational career at William & Mary?

AD: Volunteer work can actually help shape the person you become and what you choose to pursue. In my case, working with Project Phoenix helped me to realize that I would be happier working in an elementary than a secondary classroom, and I am now currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Education from William & Mary.

OCE: How do you plan to use what you’ve learned as an engaged citizen beyond William & Mary?

AD: I think my volunteer experience with Project Phoenix gave me the opportunity to practice what I believe in, which is helping the less fortunate. I hope to continue to do this throughout my life.