Great News for Building Tomorrow

The Office of Community Engagement is enthused and proud to announce that Building Tomorrow, Inc., founded by alumnus George Srour (’05), has received a grant from the Clinton Global Initiative totaling five hundred thousand dollars. The grant will help BT to continue their work in Uganda building schools for a better future.

“When George Srour, BT founder and executive director, first visited Uganda as a United Nations intern, he recognized that there was a real and effective way to help the millions of underserved children throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Inspired and emboldened, he returned to the College of William & Mary, ready to do his part to help the children he met overseas.

In December of 2004, the College of William & Mary accomplished an extraordinary thing. Through their Christmas in Kampala campaign, students raised almost $45,000 to fund the construction of a new school in Kampala, Uganda. In May 2006, the students at William & Mary could see the results of their hard work with the completion of Meeting Point Kampala.

With that, a movement was born. Srour was awarded the inaugural Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose that allowed him to make building schools for children in sub-Saharan Africa a full-time job. Building Tomorrow was created as a continuation of Christmas in Kampala, to empower young people to make a difference in their global community.”

The College holds so many opportunities for students to pursue positive social change movements in their neighborhoods and around the world. What will you do?

by Michael Steiner